Venoms from elapidae snakes are rich sources of over 100 protein toxins and most of them have been grouped into six superfamilies. Of the six superfamilies, three-finger toxin (3FTx) family contains most toxic principles such as cardiotoxins and alpha-neurotoxins. The proteins belonging to these two members of 3FTx superfamily are highly similar in their primary, secondary and tertiary structures. Notwithstanding their extreme structural similarities, they are drastically differing from each other in their biological functions. Thus, authentic functional assays are prerequisites for unambiguously annotating these protein toxins and the experiments demands highly pure protein samples, sound experimental knowledge and sophisticated instrumentations. In these backgrounds, we have developed a computational tool, TFTX 1.0, which identifies cardiotoxins and alpha-neurotoxins on the basis of their primary structures.


Developed by Structural Biology Lab, Sastra University, Thanjavur,Tamilnadu, India