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Validating the cryptic intermediates detected by experimental methods.

ΔGU: kcal/mol
mu: kcal/mol/M
Temperature: K
ΔGHX: kcal/mol
mx**: kcal/mol/M
No. of cryptic intermediaiates:

**Data preprations
ΔGU = mu · Cm
ΔGHX = mx· Cm

ΔGU – Free energy of unfolding determined by optical methods.
mu – Cooperative unfolding constant.
Cm – Denaturant concentration wherein ΔGU is zero.
ΔGHX – Free energy of exchange (averaged out to two largest residue-specific ΔGHX) of proteins in the absence of denaturant.
mx – Cooperative constant of global unfolding residues.

Updated on January 2, 2015
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